Mark-silly-points-headWho is Mark?

MARK WAHL is owner and director of Mark Wahl Learning Services in Washington State near Seattle. He has been both a mathematics learning specialist since the 70’s and a test preparation specialist since 1986. He is an author of 4 books and a professional development trainer of many hundreds of teachers.

With his math-coaching hat on, Mark often takes on the cases of children and adults who are pronounced “math-challenged,” having “math learning disabilities,” or those youths who require more acceleration and challenge in math than their teachers know how to provide. His success rate is in the mid 90%. He has also been an accomplished teacher of test preparation for the math and verbal parts of the SAT, GRE and GMAT tests, using the latest brain research to help students strategize novel approaches to questions that use more of the brain’s capacity.

To summarize, Mark Wahl is a teacher, author, test-prep specialist, teacher trainer, and curriculum consultant very experienced with:

  • test strategies and psychology
  • creative mathematics instruction methods, multiple intelligence approaches, books for classroom use, parent support and home- schooling;
  • math anxiety – how to alleviate it;
  • techniques for math mentoring with students that is proactive and therapeutic;
  • mathematics learning issues faced by homeschooling parents and children;
  • standardized test preparation strategies;
  • adult mathematics re-training;
  • teaching mathematics to exceptional learners: both the learning challenged and the gifted.

Mark Wahl has authored four successful resource books (the most recent in May 2003) for teachers with mathematics teaching strategies and activities designed to interest, motivate, and deepen the thinking of students. Click here or at the links at the top or left menus to view them.