3 Very helpful books ~ grades 2 through 9++ written by Mark Wahl, signed by the author!

coverMathHumansMath for Humans

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Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences (Grades 3-8) (Updated, re-edited, reprinted November 2013!) by Mark Wahl

Get a manual filled with activities and an approach that can transform your teaching and evoke sighs of relief from struggling students.

Use 2013-updated information in the teacher resources list to get informative websites of key companies. Change your math lessons from black-and-white to color with multi-intelligence teaching strategies and learning theory. Use easy-to-understand tips and sample math activities with complete teacher support to broaden the channels through which your students are learning. The book with its more than 90 activities is a kind of hands-on teaching inservice you get while turning your kids on to the fascinating world of real math thinking.

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mathematical-mystery-tour-squareA Mathematical Mystery Tour

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Higher Thinking Math Tasks (Gr. 5-9++) by Mark Wahl
+Tour Guide Newspaper.

Hailed as a classic in its twenty-two years of existence, and used so far by many thousands of youths, it has inspired youngsters to a greater appreciation of the secret number language of nature. It is thematically unified and multidisciplinary, ranging through real numerical phenomena in history, biology, physics, architecture, art, astronomy, and mythology. An accompanying link to a Pdf of the wonderful Mystery Tour Guide Newspaper builds connections to real life past and present in an entertaining way. (If you have the book and only want the Newspaper, email a request to the author at mathman(at)

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coverNuggets-squareMath Nuggets

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80 Thoughtful One-Page Activities for Pleasure, Insight and Challenge (Gr. 2-8) by Mark Wahl

Black-line masters for fun and instructive one-shot activities, lasting twenty minutes to two hours. They can periodically spice up any math program with active, provocative, motivational math. Includes teacher instructions and answers for each activity. These activities have been enjoyed by thousands of students and revised to maximize their effectiveness and fun.

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