How to Teach Homeschool Math:
Valuable Resources for the Home School Curriculum

“I thought Saxon was supposed to be so good. All my home school friends had gone on and on about it so I was surprised when my son that loves math, hated it after just a few weeks. I was new to homeschooling and I attended my first homeschool conference in May. It was wonderful.

“There I met a speaker named Mark Wahl and attended three of his lectures. He is skeptical of Saxon and he made some very convincing arguments. He made me think math was fun for those three hours that I listened to him and I HATE MATH. He has a book called A Mathematical Mystery Tour: Higher Thinking Math Tasks… there is a whole years worth of wonderful math mysteries you could supplement your child’s math work with or use by itself.

“He also wrote Math for Humans Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences, a must-have wonderful book… in there he describes a home schooled child that would be very happy plodding away through Saxon (the beaver) and for that child Saxon might not be so bad but not for the rest. I have a friend that has been homeschooling for 16 years…using only Saxon…her kids score well on standardized testing, high in everything but math. I have very mixed feelings about it after listening to Mark Wahl…I think I will be trying another approach this year…”
Ramona Thomson

If you are interested in either of the books mentioned, here’s where to go:

coverMathHumansMath for Humans

$34.95 | order this book signed by the author!

Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences (Grades 3-8) (Updated, re-edited, reprinted June 2009!) by Mark Wahl

Get a manual filled with activities and an approach that can transform your teaching and evoke sighs of relief from struggling students.

Use 2008-updated information in the teacher resources list to get informative websites of key companies. Change your math lessons from black-and-white to color with multi-intelligence teaching strategies and learning theory. Use easy-to-understand tips and sample math activities with complete teacher support to broaden the channels through which your students are learning. The book with its more than 90 activities is a kind of hands-on teaching inservice you get while turning your kids on to the fascinating world of real math thinking.

More detail on this book and sample pages

mathematical-mystery-tour-squareA Mathematical Mystery Tour

$27.95 signed by the author | order this book

Higher Thinking Math Tasks (Gr. 5-9++) by Mark Wahl
+Tour Guide Newspaper + 2001 Supplement included in the Complete Mystery Tour Package signed by the author!

Hailed as a classic in its twenty-two years of existence, and used so far by many thousands of youths, it has inspired youngsters to a greater appreciation of the secret number language of nature. Now get your copy signed by Mark Wahl! It is thematically unified and multidisciplinary, ranging through real numerical phenomena in history, biology, physics, architecture, art, astronomy, and mythology. An accompanying downloadable Mystery Tour Guide Newspaper builds connections to real life past and present in an entertaining way. Now the new Millennium Supplement also signed by the author has another 20 pages of activities that bring the Mystery Tour into the 21st Century: Fibonacci numbers connected to fractals, the stock market, the musical scale and more!

More detail on this book & sample pages

coverNuggets-squareMath Nuggets

$17.45 | order this book

80 Thoughtful One-Page Activities for Pleasure, Insight and Challenge (Gr. 2-8) by Mark Wahl

Black-line masters for fun and instructive one-shot activities, lasting twenty minutes to two hours. They can periodically spice up any math program with active, provocative, motivational math. Includes teacher instructions and answers for each activity. These activities have been enjoyed by thousands of students and revised to maximize their effectiveness and fun.

More detail on this book & sample pages