Math for Humans:
Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences

Grades 3-8,
8 1/2 × 11”, 256 pp. (Reprinted, with key 2009 updates and corrections, June 2009! AND signed by the author!)

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This book is a math teaching resource that adds interest to, and multiplies the effectiveness of, any worksheets, problems or materials you use. It abounds with strategies and stimulating multiple intelligence activities.


“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed my faculty is with your book, Math for Humans. The book is not only filled with good ideas and strategies, it de-mystifies math for those of us who have difficulty balancing our checkbooks!… You should feel very, very good about your ability to help teachers move forward.”
Thomas Hoerr, Ph.D.Co-author of teacher resource books; Director, The New City School, St., Louis, MO


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“You have enlightened my mind and now I am able to eliminate my anxiety in teaching math to my 7 year old daughter. My goal in teaching her math is for her to understand how math is related to everyday life, especially people relationships. My ultimate future goal is for her to become innovative using math concepts. I’ve started using Math for Humans and it is absolutely phenomenal! We both love it. I am also learning a lot from your book. Continue to enlighten the world with your incredible gifts and talents.” Respectfully, Joy Gamponia
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In this edition, the eighth naturalist intelligence as another “channel” for math learning has been added. This intelligence (mode of solving problems and creating products) joined Howard Gardner’s researched list of intelligences in 1997. The Naturalist Intelligence has to do with observing, understanding and organizing patterns in the natural environment ¾ plants, animals, rocks, and natural features ¾ an ancient key to survival. There are many ways to tap this intelligence in the service of better math comprehension and you’ll find them in this book.

Of course the revised book still contains powerful teaching strategies, creative multi-intelligence activities, math games, help with math anxiety, unusual approaches to math facts and word problems, using both sides of the brain, and enticing cartoony characters. It works well for kids who really struggle with math as well as for gifted learners:

“I am a special education teacher in Connecticut, presently working with middle school children who are learning disabled. I use your book, Math for Humans every day with the children and it has been a fabulous experience! We start the day with journal writing, sentence correction and a section of a unit from the book. The kids really get into the topic and don’t even realize that it’s math! We have incorporated it into the program as a daily part of our day. I can tell you that it works for these learning disabled students very well.” Barbara Feldman

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As for the overall purpose of the book, Math for Humans has a dual purpose of helping to join the liberal arts type of teacher to solid math education technique and the more seasoned math teacher to a new level of commitment to “colorful” lessons that reach more students. It can literally add color and life to any math program.

Math for Humans is both a theory and methods resource in its first 90 pages and an activity resource in its last 150 pages. Its vocabulary is broad and its techniques more inclusive of all learners than other references. Its over 90 reproducible activities tap eight of the intelligences of students regularly, widely and innovatively, communicating the point that math can contain a kaleidoscope of appeals to a wide variety of processing. The two parts of the book afford the widest learning options for teachers: read up on theory and resources or plunge in and learn “in the field” while using the activities. At the end is a teacher resource list, including important resource websites.

More about the activities: they are real-life oriented or they have a math theory “payoff,” so they don’t seem trivial or irrelevant. There are easy ways to extend the activities up and down in challenge, they are graphically interesting, they cluster in fourteen integrated topical groups, and they have in-depth teacher support that provides a type of inservice training as the activities are used.

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You can profit from Math for Humans if you are concerned that your child is learning “on the wrong channel,” or is simply memorizing math mechanically. It will give you an educational viewpoint and vocabulary for choosing appropriate learning experiences or discussing the problem with teachers. It also provides over 90 ready-to-go activities you can easily photocopy to create extra multi-intelligence challenges and enjoyment as you and your child work together.

Math for Humans is also a wonderful gift for a teacher from a parent if that teacher is someone who has shown an interest in ways to make things better for individual students. As a professional resource book it provides teachers (and concerned parents) with a wealth of cutting-edge theory, techniques and tips and offers numerous enriching activities that meet all the intelligences of students.

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