Math for Humans Samples from book

Here are two sample pages from Math for Humans’ Activity Section. (The print may not be sharply readable due to low-resolution scanning for fast-loading, but the fun graphics and thoughtful exercises should be apparent.) Note that each of these continues on further reproducible pages and each is accompanied by full teacher support material.

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“Shovel” a number from 1 to 16 into the top of this detector, and follow it through each succeeding question branch:

The “Number Detector” activity leads to drawing extensions on the machine for higher numbers and making a model out of it using the students themselves as its nodes.

This next activity uses many intelligences to bring home the “feeling” of the earth’s present, and rapidly growing future, population size. It starts with an intorduction to working with large numbers (like populations of countries and the earth) then builds a token-model of the exploding earth population:

Now for a page from an earlier part of the book in the chapter entitled “Seasoning Math with MI” that shows how to “sprinkle” multi-intelligence stimuli into daily lessons. (Pardon low resolution — necessary for fast loading on your browser). This is the beginning of the spatial intelligence section: